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Drawing on the Wall

Allright, video is done! It’s the camera with the broccoli again!!! Video of me drawing on a wall at my work place! (watch it on vimeo website for HD resolution)

Here are some pictures of the final image:

foto3 foto2 foto6 foto5 foto4 foto1



My first Music Video!

Allright! This was a music video that I made with my good friend Breno Venezuela for the rock band Ous… we filmed and edited together and I made the final treatment of the images, It was a very nice work, hope to work with you again soon Breno! Thanks! (watch in HD plz)



T-Shirt Stamp Idea

Allright, back to posting here! This is a design I made for a possible T-Shirt for the company I work… It’s called BROKOLIS DO BRASIL (something like brazillian broccoli). We make video commercials, music videos, institutional videos, etc etc… hence the camera in the drawing hehe

Forest Whitaker

I didn’t got much time to work on this one, I’ll probably spend more time on this painting later

Toniiiiiiiiight! Toniiiiiiight!

Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins (click for a little zoom)



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is my assignment for the 4th class of the Schoolism Class, it’s a monochromatic

caricature of Lupe (no idea who he is)… above is a “making of” slideshow of the process.

Click on the image below for a higher resolution version

Tom Hanks!

Okay, last week I started an online course, The Art of Charicature, with Jason Seiler at Schoolism and for the first assignment i had to do a final pencil drawing of Tom Hanks, and here it is!   I will keep the blog updated with my progression over the class!


Just posted it after the correction, looks much more like Tom Hanks now  =)